10 Signs You Are Over Your Ex

Posted by Brooke M.

The end of a relationship can be devastating whether you are the one ending it or the one being broken up with. No matter what way you slice it usually the only thing that will help you get over your ex is time. Usually during a break up you will go through multiple stages from depressed and emotional to angry and resentful. Some days will certainly be harder than others but one day you will wake up and your ex won’t be on your mind. You will go through an entire day realizing that they never crossed your mind. We have created a list of 10 signs that your ex is in your rearview.

  1. They aren’t on your mind. You are not constantly seeing things that remind you of your ex and getting instantly depressed about it. Maybe “your song” comes on while on your commute to work, but your heart no longer sinks when you hear it. You go about your daily activities as you normally would without  broken strides.
  2. You no longer blame him/her for everything. Your best friends are probably relieved you are no longer talking their ear off about how much of a loser your ex was. In order to mask your devastation it was easier for you to work through the break up by playing the blame game, but now things have changed. You take responsibility for your actions in your failed relationship. You no longer hold resentment for the poor decisions you or your ex made during your relationship.
  3. What was once endearing you can’t stand now. The way your ex used to snort when they laughed used to be cute and now the thought of it makes your cringe. If you are no longer finding these quirks charming about them this is a sign you are no longer love sick.
  4. You know the relationship wasn’t meant to be. You may feel as though you dodged a bullet and feel luck or appreciate the fact you are no longer stuck in that relationship. It becomes clear to you that you were blinded by love and that you deserve more than what your ex could provide in a relationship.
  5. You no longer check their status’ on social media. I know this sounds silly but if you have stopped constantly hate-stalking your ex on Facebook and checking their updates on social media this means you don’t care what they are doing, who they are dating, or updates on their lives.
  6. You have a new love interest. Does someone else give you butterflies or make you nervous whenever they come around? If the idea of going on a date with a potential love interest excites you as opposed to depresses you than that is a tell-tale sign that you’ve moved on. Dating should be exciting, fun and new so if you feel those emotions you are ready to open your heart again to find love.
  7. If you ever (or never) hear from them again, you’d be just fine. If they contact you and you don’t put your day to a screeching halt then that is a great sign they no longer have the same effect on you. You might have once had a lump in your throat when you see their name come across your phone screen but now you are indifferent.
  8. You don’t constantly compare your current partner to your ex. Your ex does not stack up to the new person you are dating and there is no comparison because you’ve upgraded completely. There is no reason for you to bring your ex up in a good or bad way because you are completely content with your new relationship.
  9. Your life isn’t lacking without them in it. You feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders and you are able to live freely. You view your past relationship as a learning lesson and you know that your life is better without them in it. My last relationship was toxic and I never realized until I finally cut my ex loose how my quality of life has increased since our break-up.
  10. You are happy and hope they are too. At the end of the day when you are done with being bitter after a break up and you are truly content with life you want the same for your ex. Once the bad blood has been washed away there is no reason to wish ill-will towards them. You have officially reached the point where you are completely over your ex so enjoy your new found freedom!

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