5 People to Avoid in the Dating Pool

Posted by Brooke M.

Dating after divorce can be scary but it can also be exciting and refreshing to meet new people and build new connections. When getting to know someone it is important to decide who you should be investing your time in and who you should be steering clear of. If you know what to look out for it will be easier to determine what you want from a signficant other and avoid wasting your time. We have compiled a list of people divorcee’s should avoid dating.

The Bitter One: This type of person complains about their ex constantly and always finds a way to bring them up in conversation. When they do mention their ex it is always followed by negative connotations and they seem to think a date is the appropriate forum to vent about them. They are still holding on to resentment and anger from their previous relationship which is no way to start a new relationship.

The Bully: If someone has random acts of rage during your dates this should be a warning flag. Whether that be they are extremely rude to your server or they have some sense of entitlement this is a person who you want to avoid dating. This type of person is mean-spirited and this is a reflection of how they could treat you one day.

The Drinker: Social drinking is one thing but if your date is on their 3rd round and you haven’t even finished your appetizers yet that might be a red flag. People going through divorce are more prone to alcohol addiction. It’s safe to say that drinking is a way to get rid of first date jitters and get to know each other more but you want to recognize these signs early before getting into a relationship with this person.

The Serial Dater: This type of person loves to jump right into a new relationship and is already taking things seriously. This person is passionate and loves to be in love which makes it hard to tell if your connection is genuine. This person isn’t necessarily bad but you could just be a rebound for them so it is important to know what their intentions are. They are afraid of being alone so to ensure you are the real thing for them and not a rebound never move too quickly with this person.

The Emotional Wreck: This person is so obsessed with their last relationship still making it hard for them to move forward to the next. They might still talk highly of their ex-spouse to the point where they might be gushing. It is possible that this person might want to get back with their ex which is why you should keep your guard up. Try to detect the difference between a person who can get along with their ex versus a person still in love with their ex.

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