8 Reasons Why Women Cheat

Posted by Brooke M.

It is estimated that roughly 30-60% of all married individuals in the U.S. will engage in infidelity at some point in their marriage (Buss & Shackleford). As women are becoming more financially independent they are showing more trends of infidelity than ever before. Women tend to have emotional affairs which means they tend to cheat with someone in their social circle. In the world we live in there leaves much more room for opportunities for infidelity to happen on regular basis. Women have their reasons for cheating and we have narrowed down the 8 prominent ones.

1. Lack of Attention and Intimacy: A vital aspect of any romantic relationship includes attention and intimacy especially with women. We are emotional creatures and have a need and desire for physical touch and mental attention. If you are not getting this from your spouse than it is only a matter of time before you look for it elsewhere. Women who are deprived of attention and intimacy are susceptible to have emotional affairs.

2. Revenge: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is a coined phrase for a reason because women can be quite vengeful. According to relationship expert Seth Meyers if a woman’s spouse cheats then she may cheat for revenge, even if she doesn’t want to, she will just do so her spouse understands how much it hurts. She wants to fill him with the same shame and resentment that he has caused her. This might even bring the score in her eyes because cheating on a spouse changes her idea of what is acceptable in a relationship. Cheating can open up a can of worms that changes the game of love from a woman’s perspective.

3. Bad Sex: If you are not being sexually fulfilled in your relationship this may prompt some women to look elsewhere to satisfy their urges. It is important to spice things up outside of the mundane routine. Women need to feel sexy and desirable. Younger women especially tend to desire more frequent or different types of sex according to Meyers. Younger women often have more opportunities especially with apps out there like Tinder or OKCupid that connect you with local singles in your area. Bad sex is something that can drive anyone to cheat.

4. Ego Boost: If a woman is feeling neglected or taken advantage of by her current spouse than she is susceptible and can easily give in to an emotional or physical affair. If another man makes her feel special or desired in a way her spouse has not made her feel in some time then it can be a huge ego boost. Women like to get attention and get wooed especially by an attractive man. Women tend to vent to those in her social circle and that often can lead to an affair if the opportunity presents itself.

5. Low Self-Esteem: Even if a woman is not conscious of it, cheating may be a way to get outside affirmation and temporarily increase feelings of positive self-regard. Some middle-aged women will seek an outside partner who is younger, more affluent, or more attentive than their current spouse to reaffirm her attractiveness. When you are feeling insecure about yourself usually one will seek validation from others which is one of the reasons why women cheat.

6. Feeling unappreciated: When you are in a relationship you want to please your spouse, whether that means cooking a romantic dinner or simply saying “I love you”. When you get comfortable in a relationship these signs of appreciation can be few and far between. If you stop getting this attention from your spouse than it can leave you feeling unappreciated. Women often seek an emotional connection like acknowledgment of their hard work and appreciation for what they do. A woman who is feeling unappreciated is more likely to entertain men who do show her appreciation.

7. Bored or Lonely: Women who are alone at home for long periods of time feel that their lives lack purpose and seek meaning through sexual encounters or deeper romantic affairs to fill the void. Women who have spouses who are absent for long periods of time for work may also turn to sex and affairs to fill up their time. Women will start to fantasize about being with someone else or entertaining other men. These types of desires excite women and eventually when the opportunity presents itself than these women are likely to succumb to their desires.

8. Feeling a relationship ending: When a relationship is ending you usually know far before you actually split up. When a woman feels that uneasy sense that a relationship is no longer working they start to distance themselves. It is harder for them to end the relationship than it is to go behind their partner’s back and find another man to fulfill their needs. She could cheat to test the waters of being single and gauge whether she actually wants to remain in the relationship. In some circumstances, a woman may cheat hoping to get caught to get out of the relationship.

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