Divorce with Dignity

Posted by Brooke M.
divorce with dignity

How to Manage Your Divorce

When going through divorce, emotions are running high. The reality is that the world you once knew is about to change, and that could throw anyone off-balance. Though each divorce is unique and complex, there are tactics anybody can use to help smooth the transition. Your divorce doesn’t have to be a messy situation if you make it a priority to divorce with dignity.

During this emotional phase in your life, it is important to accept the reality that your relationship is over and to start the forgiveness process. Now is the time to let go of resentment toward your ex. The things that once caused tension in your marriage are now part of the past, and lingering on them only keeps you from embracing the new life you’re creating. It is normal to feel uncertain about your future, considering you made plans and set goals with your spouse. A divorce can cause deep wounds, and isolating yourself is never the cure. Surround yourself with positive people and focus on accepting your grief and moving forward. Once you’ve done that, forgiveness will soon follow.

During this transition, you need to be looking out for your financial safety as well as your emotional health. This is the time to think about shared assets you and your spouse obtained during your marriage. Do you own a property or business together? If so, then you need to decide the best way to divide your assets. You want to avoid bitterness at all costs during this process. It is never worth the turmoil to use assets as pawns to hurt one another. If you offer your spouse the opportunity to take what he or she wants from the house, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results. There are plenty of tips out there for dividing assets in a divorce to ensure your short and long-term financial security.

It’s safe to say that conflict will arise at one point or another with your ex-spouse, so it’s important to handle yourself in the most dignified way possible. Fight fair: not every action your ex takes is worth a reaction. Sometimes that means being the bigger person when your ex makes a mistake; it is important to stay composed and prioritize peace with your ex, for the sake of your well-being and your children’s. You can also take a step back and ask yourself how you’re contributing to the conflicts that arise between the two of you, and whether you can make changes to your attitude. You may not be married to your spouse anymore, but if you have children, you most likely will have to deal with them long after the ink has dried on your divorce decree.

Divorce can be extra complicated when there are children involved, and they should be you and your spouse’s first priority. Make a list of pros and cons if you are debating where your kids should live, and discuss the list with your spouse to determine the best possible living situation. Make a schedule that works best for your kids, not for you or your spouse. Your children did not ask to be put in this situation, so it’s important to put their needs above your own. Though your ex may not be your favorite person, it’s important to maintain healthy communication with them so that you can make major decisions about your finances and your children.

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