Pets Help Children During Divorce Process

Posted by Brooke M.

If you have ever had a pet before you can recall the sense of unconditional love and affection they bring into your life. Children often bond special relationships with their pets and this often comes in handy during traumatic life experiences like a divorce. Having a pet around your children and family during a divorce is proven to have great emotional benefits.

First and most importantly having a pet means having unconditional love.

A pet is source of support and unconditional love for children especially during a traumatic event like divorce. A pet has the ability to create emotional stability for children because of all the changes that come with divorce which make children feel vulnerable. While everything is changing their pet remains by their side which helps them feel stable and that things aren’t completely different. More than any other animal, dogs have evolved to become acutely attuned to our behavior and emotions.

Pets help to bridge the gap of communication between adults and children.

A pet can be a source of calm when Mom and Dad are running around distracted by the divorce process. Pets are an outlet that kids confide and share their deepest secrets with. When no one else is around to share their deepest feelings, their pet is there as an outlet to let all of these emotions. Pets can often detect when you need them especially if you are upset.

There is a sense of security that comes with having a pet in the family.

During  divorce it is easy for a child to feel alone, vulnerable and abandoned which is where a pet has the ability to boost their sense of security and control. Pet relationships develop a deep sense of security that helps children cope with the divorce. A divorce often means downsizing and potentially moving from the family home. If this is the case, a child still has their family pet which will remain the same no matter what changes occur through the divorce. A pet has a similar emotional attachment to a stuffed animal but rarely does a child outgrow their furry friend, even into their teen years.

Lastly, a pet is a best friend, that will have your back no matter what.

Pets not only are understanding but they will always love you back and are judgement-free. Pets are nurturing and comfort children who greatly need it as they transition into their new lifestyle. Contact with animals has the ability of bringing great joy to children and adults alike especially during a stressful time like divorce.

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