Pets Help Children During Divorce Process

Posted by Brooke M.

If you have ever had a pet before you can recall the sense of unconditional love and affection they bring into your life. Children often bond special relationships with their pets and this often comes in handy during traumatic life experiences like a divorce. Having a pet around your children and family during a divorce is proven to have great emotional benefits.Read More

How Divorce Affects Adolescents

Posted by Brooke M.
Divorce adolescent children

Divorce, Adolescents and Children

In our society divorce is almost considered a norm. However, it doesn’t make the process any less painful for adolescents and younger children. To fill the void of information about the impact of divorce on adolescents, recently interviewed psychologist Robert Stewart. Stewart is an accomplished cognitive behavioral psychotherapist (CBT), a form of therapy originally developed to help treat depression.Read More