Happy Divorces in the US?

Posted by Brooke M.
amicable divorce state map

States Where Splitting Couples are Most Agreeable

It’s typically assumed that once a married couple has decided to call it quits, things have reached a low point. Bitterness, anger and sadness are common when a long-term relationship ends. Happily, however, a divorce doesn’t always have to be acrimonious – many couples manage to part ways quite amicably; just look at the recent and quick “be cool about this” split of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, or observe how Demi Moore and Bruce Willis vacation together with their new partners. There’s even a hot new trend for former spouses to take divorce selfies after leaving the courthouse.

With the recent trend, we wanted challenge the assumption that all divorces in the US are nasty endeavors. We conducted a state by state analysis to determine which states have divorcing couples who are either more amicable, cordial, or, alas, downright disagreeable than each other.Read More