Why You Should Better Choose an Uncontested Divorce

Posted by Brooke M.

In case you and your spouse agree that your marriage doesn’t work, and you both understand that it’s better to separate, an uncontested divorce may be the best solution for you. First of all, because it can save your time and money. To file for an uncontested divorce you should find compromises on the most important issues such as child custody, spousal support, and property division.

By the way, uncontested divorces do not always mean that spouses agree on all the divorce terms. If you cannot agree on all the issues of your divorce, but you are able to negotiate and you still want to complete an uncontested divorce, mediation can be useful. Mediators can help parties to come to terms and provide guidance about how a Court would handle their disputes. Actually, you can agree on some of the issues yourself and resolve others during mediation.

Like every divorce, an uncontested divorce begins when one side files for divorce. You should prepare papers with a statement of the grounds for divorce and the information about property and child custody. If your spouse agrees to the uncontested divorce, it can be granted by the court. But if your spouse does not agree and makes the necessary court filings, an uncontested divorce cannot be granted.

Here are the most important reasons why you should consider filing for an uncontested divorce.


Save money

While hiring an attorney may cost you at least $1500 and $3500 on the average, filing on your own saves a lot. If you have some doubts or questions on how to file paper per se, you may choose to use online divorce services instead of hiring an attorney. Online services provide you with the completed divorce documents according to your filing state requirements. To find a service you can trust check the reviews, find out if there are any complaints, and how much of experience the service has. You may also want to know if the service provides you with a phone support.


Keep Privacy

Another great benefit is that uncontested divorces are much more private than contested divorces. A contested divorce means that not only personal information is disclosed. Financial and any private information becomes the matter of public record. Meanwhile, an uncontested divorce requires less information to be filed with the court to go into the public record. So, you can minimize the amount of private information made public.


Avoid a Trial

Obviously, one of the main advantages of an uncontested divorce is no court. It’s only you and your spouse who control the agreement. The Judge cannot know what kind of relationship you had and simply cannot know what would be better for you and your children. So, it makes sense if you and your spouse decide how to split up everything fairly. Once you control the agreement, you can come to terms who gets what with less conflicts.

Avoiding trial is also beneficial for kids. They are already having an extremely hard time when the parents are divorcing. Participating in court process only makes the situation worse for them. Meanwhile, an uncontested divorce can resolve child support and custody issues keeping your kids away from the courthouse.


Less Drama

Finally, an uncontested divorce could be a good start for cooperation with your former spouse. Likely, you are going to have post-divorce relationship, especially if you have children. An uncontested divorce may be the first step to keep a civil relationship with your former spouse. It is very important if you will be co-parenting. Both parents and children will have less dramatic experience in case of an uncontested divorce.

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